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Song of the Ghost Cat

Ok, now it’s just getting weird.

Things keep falling over for no reason!  Even worse, things sound like they are falling over, but nothing seems to have moved! I was in the office last week when there was a sudden clatter from the direction of the conference table.  I looked up at where the sound seemed to be coming from – I couldn’t see anything moving.  I thought some supplies must have fallen over and spilled out but there was no one to knock them over and when I went to look, nothing was out of place.

Now whenever I’m alone in the stacks or the offices I’m imagining rounding a corner into this…


Melville Makes an Appearance!

Well this is a first…  I actually had an unexplained sighting all my own!
It was just about 8 pm on a weeknight, the library was closing and I was in the lobby.  The second floor was empty, everyone had come downstairs and it was almost time to lock the doors.  As I was turning my head I saw something out of the corner of my eye.  Continue reading

The Wrath of Melville?

Cats will be cats. Even ghost cats.

The other day someone found a small deceased bird on the ground just outside the library.  The staff member who went to clear away the poor little guy said that he looked very peaceful, as if he were just taking a little bird nap. Or was it a cat nap – as in caused by a cat?!  A ghost cat for instance?! (dun dun duunnnn!).

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We Love You Melville, We Really Do

We have seen neither hide nor phantom hair of our resident ghost cat for the last month or so and I, for one, kind of miss him.

Do ghost cats take summer vacations?

Or perhaps Melville is jealous of all the attention Chase the dog has been getting at the library…

Every Tuesday evening, from 6:30 to 7:30, kids from all over town come to sit with Chase and read him a story of their choosing.  Chase is a gentle Golden Retriever who loves hanging out with kids, helping them practice their reading skills, and encouraging their love of books.  It’s no surprise that he’s pretty popular with patrons and staff alike!

But we still love you Melville, and we don’t want you to feel unappreciated.  So, as an offering of friendship, I made you this awesome yarn ball to bat around…

I’ll leave it on my desk for you.

Tuesdays with Melville

OK it’s not Tuesday.  I did plan to put this up next Tuesday but I just couldn’t wait the whole weekend.  Unless you are reading this on a Tuesday, in which case, happy Tuesday and please enjoy the humor of my post title which at this moment is absolutely making sense to you!

I have Melville shenanigans to report:  a few weeks back, an employee had loaded up a cart of supplies he needed for some repair work.  Don’t ask me why but one of the items on his cart was a big ball of twine.  At some point he walked away from his cart and when he returned the ball of twine was gone!  Flash forward to this week when the same employee ventured down into the basement machine-room… what should he discover but the all but forgotten ball of twine!  So he took a picture…

Do you see it?  It’s between those paper bags.  Yes, it’s the same color as the bags, look hard!

Now who would want to steal a ball of twine and hide it in the basement?  Perhaps a ghostly cat who likes to hide out there?  But there’s one more thing.  You can’t tell from the picture but that ball of twine is really big — much bigger than the average ball of yarn that a normal sized kitty would be able to bat around.

Melville, are you a mountain lion??

Melville Returns!

Melville, are you reading this blog??

Last week I was lamenting the total lack of paranormal activity at work and then, lo and behold, one of our librarians discovered something very unusual.   Cat hair?  On the Information Desk?

We are 90% sure that it was not deposited there by some cat owner’s sweater and, unless one of our gentleman employees snuck in during the night to comb his hair while leaning over the counter, we are at a bit of a loss to come up with a rational explanation.

Can a ghost cat shed on your furniture?

If not, does this mean that Melville is having local cat buddies over for late night parties?

Melville: Party Animal

Oh Melville, Where Art thou?

The library’s resident ghost cat has been very quiet lately.  Has anyone seen our spooky mascot?

The other night at closing time I was checking the offices when I heard a strange noise behind me.  I stopped and turned but saw nothing.  I walked back to the room I had just left and opened the door… nothing.  I started walking away and I heard it again.  That’s when I realized (dun dun duuunnnn) the door hinges needed oil.  Was this your doing, Melville?  Are you also the mastermind behind my squeaky computer chair?

Melville the Ghost Cat Update 2: Electric Boogaloo

It seems that Melville has been snooping around the staff break-room. A librarian enjoying her lunch heard a creaking noise and noticed a movement from the corner of her eye. She looked up to see one of the supply closet’s doors mysteriously swing open.

Were you looking for a snack, Melville? Do you like potato chips? How about obscure 1980’s movie references, do you like those?

Melville the Ghost Cat : Update!

A contractor doing repairs in the bookstore last week reported that he had heard a thump and looked across the room to see a book lying in the middle of the floor where there certainly hadn’t been a book before. No other books were disturbed and the worker claimed he was nowhere near the shelf the book came from. He seemed surprised and little bit spooked as he repeated his story to different library workers.

Melville seems pretty active these days! Maybe he enjoys the attention? Maybe the maintenance worker disturbed his cat-nap? Maybe cats just like to get up onto shelves and counters and knock things over?