The Wrath of Melville?

Cats will be cats. Even ghost cats.

The other day someone found a small deceased bird on the ground just outside the library.  The staff member who went to clear away the poor little guy said that he looked very peaceful, as if he were just taking a little bird nap. Or was it a cat nap – as in caused by a cat?!  A ghost cat for instance?! (dun dun duunnnn!).

Now, I know that there are plenty of real live neighborhood cats around to take the blame, but there were no apparent signs of foul play at the scene.  And yes, it could simply have been the little bird’s time to shuffle off this mortal coil, but I still think the circumstances are a wee bit suspicious…  Melville, j’accuse!

Maybe Melville is trying to get our attention after a long summer of programs and fun that kept us distracted.  If there were any mysterious occurrences over the summer, we were too busy to notice them.   So Melville, since we have not paid you any attention for so long, please accept this blog post full of cat related articles as a peace offering, and please have pity on our local bird population.  I promise not to neglect my duties as ghost cat chronicler in the future.


p.s.  Someone recently asked me why we spell Melville’s name wrong.  It’s true that the creator of the Dewey Decimal System spelled his first name “Melvil” but, I mean, doesn’t that just look weird?  Initially it was a goof up because spell-check replaced the name with one that it recognized (don’t ask me why “Melville” was already in that dictionary).  But I rolled with it because I think spelling it “Melville” (ala Herman Melville of Moby Dick fame) just looks more dignified.  Or we could just call him Mel?


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