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Another Candle on the Cake!

What do the following words have in common?

Choose one answer:
A. All are nicknames of retired/nonliving NBA greats.
B. All are names of Denzel Washington’s four dogs.
C. All are banned from utterance on the island of Bora Bora.
D. All are words popularized by the late, the great Mr. William Shakespeare.

If you guessed answer choice D, then give yourself a high five because you are correct! Where would we be without Mr. Shakespeare? We wouldn’t even know what to call that round thing in our eyes!

Mr. Shakespeare turned 449 years old this week, so let’s give him the gift of our gratitude: thank you for giving us so many useful, necessary English words. And congratulations on another candle on the cake!


Congratulations, William and Anne!

William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway wed in late November of 1582. Happy 430th anniversary! When they wed, William was 18, and Anne was 26.

In his will, dated 25 March 1616, William bequeathed £300 to his younger daughter Judith and most of his estate to his elder daughter Susannah. To his wife Anne, William bequeathed his second-best bed.

If you’re tempted to knock William, the creator of Romeo, for being so unromantic himself in giving nothing but a mediocre piece of furniture to his bride, keep in mind that 17th century England had a culture far different from ours, and perhaps bequeathing only this bed to Anne was not such an insult to her as we may think. Then again, perhaps it was. We may never know for sure.

One of three of William’s signatures on his will


Why Yes, This Is Relevant to My Interests

Well, it’s Tuesday – and Tuesday has basically become our Monday here at the library – so, to shake off the Monday (Tuesday) blues, here’s some fun stuff to look at…

Did you know yesterday was William Shakespeare’s birthday (sort of )?

Check out (ha!) these amazing bookmobiles from around the world.

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In case you were wondering, George R.R. Martin is not a fan of your Game of Thrones fan-fiction.

But then again, you probably shouldn’t let that discourage you – you might be working on a future masterpiece that the world just isn’t ready for yet!

Happy Tuesday!