Melville Makes an Appearance!

Well this is a first…  I actually had an unexplained sighting all my own!
It was just about 8 pm on a weeknight, the library was closing and I was in the lobby.  The second floor was empty, everyone had come downstairs and it was almost time to lock the doors.  As I was turning my head I saw something out of the corner of my eye. 
Something light colored sort of flashed by just behind the second floor railing above me.  It was quick and low to the ground, and moved from the direction of the offices towards the elevator.  I blinked and, of course, it was gone.
But I saw something.  I am not kidding.

Melville, do you have white fur?
Are you a fluffy white cat like the villain had in all those James Bond movies?


I’m pretty sure that, while the actors were interchangeable, it was always the same cat (and look how happy he looks snuggling with Donald Pleasance)

Now it turns out that there are different opinions about what Melville looks like… one of my colleagues heard my story and said, “I thought he was orange!”  Perhaps Melville manifests differently depending on who he shows himself to?   Maybe he shapes himself according to our dreams and hopes?  Maybe I’m getting a little carried away here??

Please please just don’t turn out to be a giant spider like that one guypennywise


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