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Don’t Step on a Bee Day!

You may not know it until reading this post but today (July 10th) is “Don’t Step on a Bee Day!”  Sure, most of us have been stung by them when we were little or not so little but  today is a reminder that we should treat bees with some respect since they contribute so greatly to our way of life.  In many countries (including the U.S.), bee population is on the downfall.  A life with no bees would mean a lack of pollination, honey production, beeswax, and their significance towards healthy flowers and plants would be put in jeopardy.  It would be an ugly world indeed without bees.

So think twice before you step on a bee and give them some respect!  It’s a win-win!

Bee with reading glasses

And if you can’t get enough of them and want to learn more, we’ve got plenty of books on bees here at the Buena Park Library District.