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New E-books

Check out the newest additions to the library’s e-audiobook collection!  If you need more information about setting up your device, start at our digital library at: or contact the Reference Desk at: 714-826-4100 ext. 125

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New Parenting E-books

Just in time for school, the Library has purchased some new parenting titles for our ebook collection …

Ready for Kindergarten! From Recognizing Colors to Making Friends, Your Essential Guide to Kindergarten Prep by Deborah J. Stewart

Ready for Kindergarten

Fundamentals every child should know before they start school

“Kindergarten is quickly becoming the new first grade, which means children need to be prepared for a much more demanding curriculum before their first day of school. Ready for Kindergarten! will help parents gauge their child’s readiness as well as show them what they can do to make sure she starts school off on the right foot.” Continue reading

Don’t Panic!

A small asteroid (2012 DA 14) will be passing within the geosynchronous orbit of the Earth’s satellites on February 15, 2013 at 2:25 pm (EST).  According to NASA, it will safely pass within 17,000 miles of the Earth over Indonesia.  For more information about the asteroid, see NASA’s website.

Now … do you know where your towel is?  If not, check out these titles.

[Addendum:  This blog was written and scheduled to post hours before a meteor fell on an area of Russia causing numerous injuries.  While a NASA spokesperson states it was likely a coincidence with the asteroid flyby, our thoughts and wishes are with the people of Russia as they cope with the effects of this event.  For more information on the tracking of space objects see NASA’s Near Earth Object Program website.]


Happy New Year! 恭喜發財


The Chinese year 4711 begins on February 10, 2013.  The Lunar New Year is observed on the second new moon after the winter solstice and celebrations last for 15 days. According to the Encyclopedia of Holidays and Celebrations: a Country-by-Country Guide (which is located in the Library’s Reference Collection), Chinese New Year is one of the most important holidays of the year, stressing the importance of family.  It is a time of visiting with family and friends.

Continue reading

Put Another Candle on the Birthday Cake Buena Park!

This area has been inhabited for thousands of years … from the earliest Native Americans, through the Spanish land grant of Rancho Los Coyotes to the township set up by James A. Whitaker in 1887.  However, Buena Park did not become a “city” until the residents voted for incorporation on January 20, 1953.  On January 27, 1953, the first city council was sworn in.

For more information about the history of Buena Park, check out The Picture Story of Buena Park: from Coyotes to Cityhood at the Buena Park Historical Society’s website ( ).  Written by H.A. “Hub” Chamberlain in the 1970’s, it’s still a terrific overview of the city’s history with fascinating old-time photos.  For more books about the history of Buena Park, check the library’s catalog at

Buena Park City Council 1953