Live Chat with the Author of “Weekends with Daisy”

CaptureThursday, April 24, at 1 pm

Do you have a question for the author or thoughts on the book you would like to share?
Join us for a lively discussion of this year’s Buena Park Reads Together selection, “Weekends with Daisy” and a live phone chat with the author, Sharon Kahn Luttrell!

Weekends with Daisy
by Sharron Kahn Luttrell

“A deceptively simple but powerful   account of family bonds, friendship, and the special relationship we have with dogs.” —Kirkus Reviews

After the death of her own beloved dog, journalist Sharron Luttrell decided to volunteer for the NEADS Prison PUP program, acting as a weekend trainer and foster parent for Daisy, a yellow Labrador puppy.

During the week, Daisy spent her days in prison, living and training with an   inmate named Keith who, like the other inmates in the program, sought         rehabilitation through training dogs to be service animals for the disabled.

Luttrell could never have anticipated how her weekends with Daisy and her unlikely bond with the man who shared Daisy’s training would change her life.

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