New Arrivals: Movies

Autumn’s cold, crisp weather sets the perfect backdrop for curling up on the couch and watching a movie…  or two, or three… or four — wait make it 5! Currently we are running a special promotion on our DVDs: checkout 4 movies and get one free!  That’s right, 5 DVD rentals for $2.00 which you get to keep for one week.  And with the Library’s wide variety of DVDs , you’ll have plenty of films to choose from.  Comedy, romance, horror, drama, adventure, documentaries, foreign film — we have them all!

This month’s new DVDs span the fantastic — robots battling monsters for the fate of humanity in Pacific Rim (which yes,  is as awesome as it sounds), to the more familiar — a long term couple contemplates  love and commitment in Before Midnight.  We also have two notable TV series in, each featuring iconic characters: Don Draper and the irrepressible Kenny Powers.


This is just a small sampling of our new items.  We are always adding new books, movies, audiobooks, and CDs to our collection.  Keep up to date with all our new additions by subscribing to our New Titles RSS feed or by clicking the New Titles link on our online catalog.

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