National Dog Day!

Dog lovers rejoice!  Dogs, you can rejoice as well!  Today, August  26th is National Dog Day.  Dogs are our faithful companions and we should acknowledge the love, joy, and yes, even the chewed up shoes that dogs bring to our daily lives.


Ranging from emergency services to supporting those who are blind and deaf, dogs serve an important purpose in many of our lives.  Today is a great opportunity to show our love for dogs in our life and supporting dogs in need.  You can save a dog’s life from homelessness and abuse by adopting one at a local rescue home, getting a special treat for your dog, or even getting matching t-shirts.  National Dog Day was created by the National Dog Day Foundation.  Their motto is “saving 10,000 dogs – one day at a time.”   Some famous advocates of National Dog Day include former president George W. Bush and actress Susan Sarandon.

emergency dog

And of course, you didn’t even have to ask.  We carry plenty of materials on all things dog right here at the Buena Park Library.

And who said dogs don’t like reading too?!

Dog Reading

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