Ball Don’t Lie: 2013 NBA Playoffs


The NBA playoffs are now well underway!  So sports fans, is this OKC’s year (sans Russell Westbrook)?  Or do the Spurs have another championship run in them?  Can the Knicks harness their momentum and energy into a championship win?  Or is a Miami Heat repeat inevitable, rendering this prognostication null and void?

Who knows!  That’s what’s so exciting about the playoffs — it’s all up in the air and any team could win… Well, okay not really as some teams have much better chances than others. (That Heat/Bucks series has proven to be a bloodbath despite Brandon Jennings bravura proclamation, bless his heart ). But let us harken back to the 2011 Playoffs when a scrappy Dallas team led by a lanky, awkward German with a propensity for hitting ridiculous shots came out of nowhere to win it all.  In the immortal words of the NBA’s poet laureate: “Ball don’t lie!

Dallas Mavericks v Los Angeles Clippers

It’s particularly heartening to have two local teams in the playoff race.  Can the adversity ridden Lakers muster up the wherewithal to do what no other NBA team has ever done and come back from being down 0-3 in a series?  As a dyed in the wool Clippers fan (#lobcity) I think not (#schadenfreude), but hey as mentioned earlier — IT’S THE PLAYOFFS, ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN! (#crazytown)

The Library has a wealth of basketball material for you to explore during this playoff season.  Here are a few recommendations for both die-hard fans and those interested in learning more about the game.



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