Romance, Werewolf Style

Must the hunky werewolf always play second fiddle to the brooding vampire in doomed love triangles?  Apparently not!  There is a whole world of romance novels featuring werewolves and other mysterious shape-shifters.  So, if you are looking for romance with that extra dash of animal magnetism, look no further than your library!

Once in a Full Moon
Popular seventeen-year-old Celeste finds herself falling in love with a boy from the wrong side of their small, Midwestern town, even though she suspects that he is a werewolf.

Beauty and the Werewolf 
Determined to avoid the traditional path, Bella Beauchamps, after jouneying into the forbidden forest, is attacked by a cursed nobleman and secluded in his castle where she is torn between her family and this strange man who makes her happy.

Kitty and the Dead Man’s Hand
Kitty and Ben, the alpha pair in their Denver werewolf pack, elope to Las Vegas to get married human-style, but their plans are interrupted by a convergence of hostile forces bent on stopping their wedding and ending their lives.

Never Cry Werewolf
Forced to attend a camp for teens with behavior problems, sixteen-year-old Shelby Locke’s attempts to follow the rules go astray when she meets a handsome British werewolf.

Marked by the Moon
In order to get revenge on her for killing his wife, werewolf Justin Barlow turns Alexandra Trevalyn, a werewolf slayer, into a werewolf and makes her part of his pack, where she has trouble fighting her attraction to him.

Burning Wild
Billionaire Jack Babbaconni, who is gifted with leopard-shifting abilities, is strongly attracted to the mysterious Emma Reynolds, so he hires her as his son’s nanny in order to keep her close and under his protection.

Coyote’s Mate
Despite the fact that Del-Rey Delgado, the genetically altered rebel known as the Coyote Ghost, betrayed her during a rescue mission, Anya Korbin, an altered Coyote breed, is unable to deny the animalistic desire between them.

Silver Wolf
Revisits the legend of the werewolf in a novel set in decaying ancient Rome, where a beautiful young woman with supernatural powers finds herself surrounded by intrigue and threats to her life.

Calla Tor, the alpha member of her shape-shifting wolf pack, must decide if her illicit love for the human Shay is worth the ultimate sacrifice.


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