John Mayer, a Submarine, and Your Library Card

On John Mayer’s latest album Born and Raised, Mayer introduces listeners to Walt Grace, a man who buried himself in his basement to build a submarine.

And his wife told his kids he was crazy

And his friends said he’d fail if he tried

But Mr. Grace paid them no attention. He kept dreaming his dream and working hard to reach it. And, eventually, he succeeded in building his submarine. How?

… with the will to work hard and a library card 

He took a homemade, fan blade, one-man submarine ride

He used the resources available to him at his local library to gain the knowledge he needed to build his submarine.

That’s the power of your library card, folks! With it, you have free access to the world’s information. Your library card can help you, too, to reach your dreams.

On a related note, give Mayer’s latest album a listen! We have it available here at the library.

“The stylistic change-up and unburdening tone
make for some of the most convincing
music of Mayer’s career.” (Rolling Stone)

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